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Battle your friends with powerful creatures and spectacular spells in Magic's most popular multiplayer format. Trash becomes treasure with Gimbal, a Gremlin whose effectiveness increases with the diversity of artifact tokens in his collection. The odder your assortment, the stronger your Gremlin army will become!

Gimbal, Gremlin Prodigy
Gimbal is a deviously inventive Gremlin from the plane of Kaladesh. An accident in an aether reservoir awakened his ability to create rather than consume, and he immediately put the pedal to the metal. The people of Kaladesh stood beside him and his clever contraptions when the Phyrexians arrived - but for how long will their allegiance stand?

Planechase is a cool way to shake up your Commander games with your friends. Use a deck of plane cards and a special planar die to trigger unique abilities and jump across the Multiverse!

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