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This is a GM-less narrative roleplaying game for 3 to 5 players. It creates, unravels and delves into the past of a number of infernal Souls, as well as their future. And that of the Devils of Hell.

The game is played over a single session, creating and exploring a few Circles of Hell.

The game takes place in the Circles of Hell after the eschatological apocalypse.

Here, Devils have been left to their own devices and souls, reunited to their fleshly bodies, have been made immortal.
Players describe what’s around their characters and how things have changed after the Apocalypse.

They create obstacles and overcome them by creating or rediscovering their characters’ personal traits, thus defining their identities over the course of the game.

Once the souls reach Limbo, the last leg of the journey before the Mouth of Hell and its hope-devouring gates, players take stock of the story and decide whether their characters have been able to forgive themselves and live their lives in this new, post-apocalyptic world.
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