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Welcome to Project Bayern, a mighty campaign that details the historic flight of the starship Bayern as it leaves human space to cross more than 450 light-years of unexplored territory before reaching the Pleiades. This group of young stars has long been an object of awe, worship, and inspiration for human cultures. As the 24th century dawns, Commander Leopold Schmidt and his international crew of brave explorers make ready to bid farewell to friends and family for a journey which will last almost half a decade.

This box set contains all the background data needed to run an ongoing campaign of adventures based around the monumental voyage of this great craft.

Book One: Mission Profile details the AR-I, Bayern's crew, and her sub-craft, as well as the known public goals and the hidden agendas. Biographical information on the flight crew and heads of the scientific team provides fully developed characters and the section on the Pleiades provides full astrophysical information on the star cluster.

Book Two: Technical Reference Manual provides full specifications and deck plays for Bayern and its auxiliary vessels, along with their limitations and capabilities. Also detailed are the new robots, probes, vehicles, and equipment that will aid the Travellers in their exploration of uncharted space.

Book Three: Primary Mission Objectives breaks down the main goals of the campaign. The journey to, and from, the Pleaides is long and dangerous, and the Travellers will find that getting to the star cluster is just the beginning of their adventures.

Book Four: Secondary Mission Objectives provides the Referee with more than a dozen additional adventures and hooks that can be inserted into the campaign. These include a short, three-adventure mini campaign dealing with a dangerous threat to Bayern and possibly all humanity. Also included is a giant-sized poster with a star chart of the Pleaides based on the most up-to-date astronomical data on one side, ana a full deck plan and internal arrangement of the giant Bayern on the other.

Inside you will find:
• Book 1: Mission Profile
• Book 2: Technical Reference Manual
• Book 3: Primary Mission Objectives
• Book 4: Secondary Mission Objectives
• A giant poster map showing the many decks of the Bayern on one side and a star chart of the Pleiades on the other.

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Traveller RPG: Core Rulebook and 2300AD Box Set are required to play.

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