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The triqueta, the knot of trinity, stands for the connection of three things. In the family game of the same name, this is symbolized by wooden animal pieces that must be combined into trios. The decisive factor here is that only one triqueta may exist for each of the six animal species. If, on the other hand, the balance is disturbed by other stones of the same animal type, the players receive negative points.

In each of the four rounds, the players can decide whether to draw or uncover new animal tokens or take an animal row that is already on display and drop out of the round. To do this, it is important to wait for the right moment to get hold of the most lucrative row possible before one of the other players snatches it away. The player who manages to place as many triquetas as possible with the right timing and does not have any excess animals will win the game.

Ages: 7+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 20-30 minutes

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