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A new set for the classic trick-taking game Wizard, now playable by only two players. This deck includes 36 cards and some new rules.

3 cards are set aside at the beginning, and one of them is turned up to establish the current trump. The remaining cards are divided in 3 groups of 11 cards; each player takes one, and the remaining one forms the dummy deck. Three cards are turned face up from the dummy deck.

Players bid on how many tricks they think they will take in the coming hand. Next the first player plays a card from their hand, then a card from the dummy's hand, and then the second player plays a card. The trick goes to the first player who played a Wizard, or by the player who played the highest trump, or to the player who played the highest lead card. Jesters always lose. The dummy player may win a trick, and in fact its role is to help the first player winn or lose a trick as needed. The player who won the round becomes the first player and starts the next round.

When players run out of cards, they check their bids and score. You score for making your bid exactly, and lose points if you did not make your bid.
This version also has a special card that cancels the trick in which it is played - no one scores that trick.

First player to score 100 points is the winner.

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