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Tyrannous is the most aggressive and martial of the Beastlords. Like all Beastlords, Tyrannous prefers to remain in seclusion however woe to any enemy that rouses him.

In battle, Tyrannous is a towering engine of destruction, blasting and cleaving tirelessly until no enemy are left to destroy. Most prefer to flee rather than face him in open battle.

Tyrannous has been often sighted near the desert regions of the Democracy so it has been surmised that he has a secret cave dwelling in that area. Indeed during the first Atlantican war Jack Macgyver in Buffalo had found himself out numbered and outgunned by no less than 15 Atlantican heavy tanks. Destroying 3, Jack was saying his prayers when all of a sudden Tyrannous was there…

Obliterating 12 Atlantican heavy tanks Tyrannous bellowed as the fleeing mermen covered their ears. Without saying a word, Tyrannous strode away leaving Jack and the Buffalo alone on the highway amid a sea of smoking Atlantican wreckage.
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