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Under the Autumn Strangely is a storytelling game of pastoral horror by Graham Gentz priming with anachronistic Americana set in a land that Never Was.

Inspired by "Over the Garden Wall" created by Patrick McHale, players collaboratively create a world uncanny and old. Codify and encourage tonal clash as the Three Roles meld whimsyautumnal melancholyand dread.

Take a wrong turn on a dusty road. Follow the sign past the red barn with peeling paint. Doubt your senses.

Get a little lost.

Welcome to the Never Was.

The years have passed
and vanished in the mud,
we shall find you still.
And all that was-- is lost
by the yellowed noon,
to Once Was and Never Will.
You, ours, and we can be
a dream to bring us
Under the autumn strangely

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