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Deep in the monster-haunted backwoods, Sunny Smiles Unicorn Farm lies in ruin. The overseers vanished months ago. Gangs of feral children lurk in the shadows of a vast blood-stained factory. Knife season has come. Food is running out. Some rough beast slouches towards Bethlehem to be born.


Unicorn Meat is a system-agnostic OSR-style southern gothic horror adventure inspired by LISA the PainfulTrue Detective, and Lord of the Flies, set in the decaying ruins of the last unicorn farm in the world. Play as carvergirls attempting to escape, or as adults unraveling the horror at the center of the Rochefocauld Company's great sin.


  • System-agnostic adventure - Easily used with most OSR and OSR-adjacent systems
  • Art by Rowan A (Bottomless Sarcophagus, The Thawing Kingdom)
  • Coloring-page map printout by Gus L (All Dead Generations, Prison of the Hated Pretender)
  • Editing by Jarret Crader and Fiona Geist
  • Explore the farm, the factory, the swamp, and the caves beneath.
  • Carvergirl character class, new items and spells, spiritual combat and mutation mechanics.
  • Support for one-shot and campaign-length games
  • Colorful NPCs and factions - Throw yourself right into the front of the brewing gang war.
  • Streamlined card-based wilderness exploration system - Muck around in the swamp without making a mess
  • The MEAT ECONOMY - Food is money. Is that big knife worth going hungry for? Is a full meal worth the risk of a hunt?

CW: child abuse, intense violence, gore, body horror, disease/starvation, implied assault, alcohol and drug abuse, religious trauma, and slavery.

People are Saying...

"Sloppy pop art with a folkloric aesthetic always stumbles over the traumatic violence inherent to our ancient stories. Some revel gleefully in the violence, others obviate the trauma with twee. Unicorn Meat walks a narrow middle path. It is upsetting in its violence, but only because it cares about me, and wants to teach me to be safe."

- Nick LS Whelan (Papers and Pencils)

"A fun summer at camp Sunny Smiles Unicorn Farm where absolutely nothing goes wrong!"

- Michael Kennedy (Sheep and Sorcery)

"I'm not joking about the LISA the Painful comparison."

- The author

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