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To the Source, or to the Sea?

Upriver, Downriver is a tarot-infused fantasy roleplaying game about sailing along a magical river, and persisting on an impossible journey.

Together, you and your crew will swear a magical oath to reach either the Source of the Great River or the Sea. No one has ever come back from either destination, and each has their own challenges and rewards. But, whatever bends your journey takes, once youve sworn your Oath, your soul is committed to continue on towards your goal. Even in death, your ghost will be bound to your Oath and your ship, compelled to complete your voyage.

During your travels, you'll visit enchanting, enigmatic and hostile locations along the River. Each location is tied to one of the major arcana, and is home to its own unique characters and challenges. Your trials and triumphs are determined by dice and tarot cards. What you do with the hand that fate and the River deals is up to you.
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