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Vast Grimm: I Want Your Skulls is the second Quickstart/Adventure booklet to be released in the run-up to the Vast Grimm core book’s release (due to Kickstarter backers in Aug/Sep 2022). The game is published under the MÖRK BORG third-party license. Under this license, publishers may freely use MÖRK BORG’s rules and mechanics. It’s evident from the “Quick Rules” included that Vast Grimm takes full advantage of this allowance. It is essential MÖRK BORG with the serial numbers filed off, and a new distinct theme slapped on top.

As Vast Grimm is mechanically MÖRK BORG, thematically, it’s a mash-up of both MÖRK BORG and Mothership. Incorporating MÖRK BORG’s grimdark tone, it’s a desolate world where you will likely not live too long. If something doesn’t kill you, you’re likely to become infected and join the ranks of the Grimm. Vast Grimm proudly wears its themes on its sleeve with its weird Sci-Fi, overt horror, and grimy grimdark.

The Quickstart is short and offers just a taste of what must be in the complete rulebook. Little more than a page is dedicated to giving readers a sense of what the game is about. However, the single page of “Quick Rules” is everything needed to play the enclosed one-shot adventure. The adventure—”I Want Your Skulls”— and the four pre-generated characters make up most of the booklet, complete with all the necessary creature stats, random tables, a map, etc.

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