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The 80s expansion adds some new mechanics to the game. We have opened up the Trade Counter. You will now be able to trade unwanted or low-value records in to gain attributes that you may use in later turns.

Collection rewards have been reduced to max out 4. The lower end will now be 2 albums in a small collection and this will increase the number of records that a player may retire during the game. In addition, the Extended Play format and the Long Play format have been added as attributes and these albums can provide a bonus to your collections for end game scoring. There is still more, however.

We have also added 12 new Loyalty Cards which will help to bolster your end game scoring even further. Taking all of this into account that is over 150 new components added to the game!

We will also introduce gameplay with 5 Genres in play instead of 4. This will give players a different style of game in this expansion. There are 6 Genres added so that players can choose which 5 Genres they would like to play with.

This is not a standalone game. A copy of Vinyl is required to play. 

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