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Adventure in the Crossroads City!

From the lofty towers of the Collegium to the dangerous underbelly of the city, this is Zobeck, the thriving heart of Midgard.

Built on clockwork ingenuity and cutthroat politics, opportunities abound for everyone. From rulers to refugees, everyone in Zobeck seeks something amid its bustling streets.

Bring the crossroads city to life in your 5th Edition campaign! Explore its districts and chase golden dreams through city hall, dark alley, and fetid sewer.

Let us give you the tour

• Descriptions of Zobeck’s adventure-ready locales, from the bustling Dock District to the notorious Kobold Ghetto

  • A slew of NPCs—from influential guilds, infamous gangs,
    and ambitious scholars—ready to challenge or aid player characters

  • A new clockwork arcane tradition and magic items like the bag of traps, the chronomancer’s pocket clock, and the Red Lady’s scalpel

  • New character backgrounds, mounts, and feats specifically for humans and gearforged

  • Plus 14 adventures, ranging from 1st to 11th level—perfect as standalone quests or played in sequence as a campaign!
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