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This pack contains survivors Eagle Chaz (The American Hero), Troy (The Traveller), and The Cardboard Tube Samurai. This pack also contains the Zomb'ivors of those survivors as well as Zomb'ivors of Dave, El Cholo, and Nick.

Eagle Chaz is THE man. He fought crime and evil. He fought for freedom, he stood for the weak against the powerful. He knows how to use guns but his body is his best weapon. Usually, Eagle Chaz doesn’t want to kill, unless he has no other choice. He is a THE good guy. Well, zombies aren’t really people, so let’s just call it target practice.

Troy has traveled far and wide. He has fought zombies and demons for years, even centuries if you believe him. Troy knows where they come from and what must be done to send them back to Hell. Most likely he's seen one too many horror films, that’s all. Troy is probably mad. Or is he?

Total of 9 minis and 6 two-sided Survivor/Zomb'ivor character cards.

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